Hey there, I'm Shane Rounce, a Sheffield based Freelance Web/UX Designer/Developer, Photographer, Traceur & Writer. Looking to Hire Me or Buy my Prints?

I recently also revamped the Codified Website to also accommodate their Seattle Office.

Come check out the colour-responsive design/development work I’ve done for the News Section, over on the Plastic Expert Website. Be sure to pay attention to the News and Article pages specifically.

It’s always good to revisit a project to breathe new life into things. :)

See the Pen Brain SVG Line Render by Shane Christopher Rounce (@ShaneRounce) on CodePen.

Intro animation concept for an upcoming client project.

Abstract Silver website homepage development preview.

#sheffield Peace Gardens today. People all out enjoying the weather and watching Tour de France.

My Hometown

A familiar view of Sheffield for many people.

Shot from behind the Train Station.

Bingham Park, Sheffield

Eyeing up a Jump

Liam Norbury

We’re returning to Cliffhanger.


Come see us do our thing and learn more about Parkour at this year’s Cliffhanger Event in Sheffield.

Tickets: £6 per adult, accompanied children under 16 Free.

I shall be there, might even get my Camera out. :’)

Sunset projecting light through my kitchen window.